Compass Horse Training Academy - Introduction

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When you join Course 1 of Vaughn Knudsen's Compass Horse Training Academy online, Courses 2 and 3 are included!

This course bundle will get you started on your journey to better horsemanship and gaining a better understanding of your horse.

Course 1: Solid Foundation for Horse and Rider

Covers material on how a horse thinks and learns, and then, using the flag and the rope to establish a solid foundation in a horse or using the same concepts to restart a horse who needs help. Plus, some background on Vaughn Knudsen.

Course 2: Building Blocks for all Maneuvers

This course is filled with great information and concepts which will be the building blocks from which we will create more finished maneuvers. These include:

  • How to tell if your horse is safe and ready to ride
  • Developing feel in the horse and rider
  • Creating a Connection through the whole horse from the ground and then translating that into a Connection through the whole horse with the rider in the saddle.
  • Hand and Leg positions for clear communication with your horse
  • How to use spurs correctly and never create resentment in the horse
  • Techniques for focusing your horse mentally on the task at hand while creating a willing attitude
  • Side passing, Backing, and Lead Departures in balance
  • Locking in circles on a loose rein
  • and more...

Course 3: Advanced - Reining Maneuvers

Not just for reiners, these advanced maneuvers apply to all disciplines as they build the horse and rider as a team. Connect on a new level with the horse as you use the building blocks learned in Course 2 to put together Sliding Stops, Spins, Flying Lead Changes, and more!

  • J-Walking
  • Building a Sliding Stop
  • Fencing for Better Stops
  • Counter Canter
  • Flying Lead Changes
  • Four lessons working up to Balanced Spins on a loose rein

Don't miss the fun stories told by Vaughn and illustrated by Kim at the bottom of the page on each lesson!

Vaughn Knudsen's

Compass Horsemanship Academy

This method of horsemanship is for those who are seeking a deeper understanding. For those who want a deeper connection with their horse. I have spent a lifetime learning from the best horsemen in the world, and also from the best teacher of horsemanship - the horse.

The training methods offered in the Compass Horsemanship Academy courses work by design. Each training concept works with the way a horse is designed physically as well as the way the horse is designed mentally and emotionally.

The methods are different than those offered by the majority of the horse training world. This is because the concepts teach us to communicate with the horse in his world rather that expecting him to understand the human world.

I do not offer any horse training methods to you which will not stand the test of time.

I am excited to work with you and your horse on your journey towards greater understanding and better horsemanship!

-Vaughn Knudsen

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